Oct. 25, 2011

Detail of Empirasign API Demo spreadsheet

Empirasign MBS Market Data can now be accessed directly from Excel. To use the demo spreadsheet (image above), enter the cusip you want to query in cell B10 and then click the "Get Cusip Data" button. All our market leading color (trade prices, price talk and offerings) are returned in Excel for easy manipulation.
Download a demo spreadsheet here: click to download demo Excel API spreadsheet

Contact us: info@empirasign.com to have a limited use ID/password enabled.

Inventory Spread Movements

Oct. 5, 2011

table of inventory offering spread movements

Keep track of how dealers adjust their offering spreads in response to market activity and trade flows. As in the image above, each day we'll show how many Agency ARMS are offered Wider/Tighter/Unchanged to the previous day's levels. All the numbers are hyperlinked, so you can click through to see exactly what bonds are offered wider today than yesterday.
Link to page: www.empirasign.com/inv_spreads/agarm/

More sectors to be added soon.

Easy Access to Recent Searches

Sept. 27, 2011

drop down of recent bond search history

Recent search activity will now appear under a drop-down menu on each page below our man ListMetrics box. The box will store up to the last ten searches performed and is deleted once you log out. Thus, upon a new session, no drop down menu will appear until some new searches have been made.

MBS Data available via API

Sept. 15, 2011

Our API has been extended to encompass our ABS/MBS Trade Database. Now it's even easier to embed the only commercial source of MBS Market Data into your own internal systems. Just hit our site with a cusip and authorization signature, and we'll return all the data we have for the bond (trade data, dealer price talk, and dealer offerings).

API search results (json snippet)

Sample link (returns JSON):
Same data for LXS 2007-7N 1A1A, here (pdf).

Contact us directly for pricing info, and an authorization key.

Add Bonds to Portfolio with 1 Click

Aug. 30, 2011

detail of BWIC or search results showing add button

Add bonds to your portfolio quickly and seamlessly by just clicking your mouse on most bond search and view screens. Just click on the the add icon itself button under the +Actions+ section. Of course, you can still add bonds the old fashioned way by copy and pasting in cusips from Excel--one at time, or in bulk.

To view your portfolio, go here: http://www.empirasign.com/portfolio

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