Advan Foot-Traffic Data

April 29, 2021

The next several months will be a defining period for the commercial mortgage-backed market. Empirasign subscribers now have the competitive advantage of access to foot-traffic data from geolocation analytics firm Advan Research Corporation to help navigate this critical period of recovery and growth. Advan's geofencing technology aggregates mobile phone usage patterns from specific properties, giving Empirasign users the ability to monitor the foot-traffic patterns observed at hotel, retail, multi-family, and office building locations for up to 95% of US CMBS deals. Click on the Advan Foot Traffic button at the top of eligible CMBS bond profile pages to instantly view a graph of foot-traffic history for the commercial properties underlying a particular deal.

Advan Button Circled Bond Profile Page

Advan Chart BANK 2018_BN15

Users can also view comparison charts of similar deals, with the choice of two statistical approaches. Select "Nominal Comps" to view a comparison that prioritizes deals of similar absolute foot traffic volumes. Select "Normalized Comps" to view a comparison that prioritizes deals of similar foot traffic patterns--regardless of baseline levels. Additionally, one can select or deselect any of the deals shown in either chart type to focus on specific data relationships.

All charts are exportable as a shareable image by clicking on the PNG icon in the top right corner.

Largest Holders by Sector

March 16, 2021

Supercharge your prospecting efforts with our new Largest Sector Holders search tool. This tool aggregates and ranks the market value of each fund's portfolio holdings based on our daily-updated N-PORT Filings database, allowing users to instantly view the most significant players in each market sector. Simply choose one or more asset sub-sector(s), select a vintage (Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, or All), and hit Submit.

Largest Sector Holders ABS Auto/All

The search results table can be sorted by any column (Fund Company, Fund Name, Value Date, Number of Positions, or Market Value). Select the row for a fund in the search results table to view all of a fund's most recent positions for the queried sub-sector(s). Search results (at the sector and fund level) can be exported to a filters-enabled Excel spreadsheet by clicking its eponymous icon.

An unrestricted view of a fund's holdings can be viewed by clicking the name of the fund on the sub-sector positions page. These Fund Holdings Search results will include:

  • Complete current and historical portfolio holding records.
  • Directors and officers for the fund company.*
  • Registered representatives for the advisers of the fund.*
  • All pricing services used by the fund.*
  • A visualization of how the fund's assets are allocated across sectors according to their current report, as well as previous filings.
  • Accession Numbers hyperlinked to the original form N-PORT and N-CEN filings on the SEC EDGAR website.*

*Derived from Form N-CEN filings. See our blog post on how we link bonds to people here.

Example of Excel Auto Filters Export for a Fund's ABS Cards Holdings*

Example Excel Export for ABS Card Holdings

TRACE Pricing Data

Feb. 11, 2021

Empirasign users now have access to FINRA TRACE market data. Just look for the new TRACE tab featured on all eligible bond trade history pages. The new data includes price, current face, trade date, trade time, and settlement date.

TRACE Tab Circled Bond Profile Page

We've also added TRACE pricing data to our Price History charts, which provide the most complete picture of the market available on one screen. Visualize comprehensive historical and real-time pricing data from BWICs, Dealer Run (Bids, Offers, Two Way Markets), Price Talk, N-PORT P filings, NAIC transactions, and TRACE in seconds. Easily download and share this data with colleagues and clients by clicking the download icon located in the top right corner of the chart.

Linking Bonds to People

Jan. 26, 2021

Our latest integration links data from the SEC's EDGAR database (securities) and FINRA (people). This allows Empirasign users to connect a bond's trade history to the registered representatives controlling the investment decisions of funds with current or previous positions in that bond.

All US-registered investment companies (Mutual Funds and ETFs) use Form N-CEN to report basic registrant and series-level information to the SEC on a yearly basis. These filings disclose a fund's directors, officers, advisers/sub-advisers, auditors, pricing services used, and various other information. While these reports are publicly available on the SEC EDGAR website, one must perform several steps of data integration and normalization to locate the relevant information for specific funds. For example, no information about the people (PMs and analysts) who work for a fund's adviser(s) is revealed in this report.

By regularly spidering these reports and joining fund information with CRD data from FINRA, Empirasign takes care of all the heavy lifting - allowing users to instantly view the registered reps for the advisers/sub-advisers of funds with current or previous positions in any bond searched via our web app. Simply navigate to the tab labeled "Registered Reps records" on any bond trade history page.

Registered Rep Tab 12594MBB3

Links to the profile of each registered rep can be found by clicking on "External Links" under the "Rep Profile" column. Users have the option to view the representative's BrokerCheck profile, Bloomberg Bio (via B-Links), or search results from LinkedIn, Google or Bing. (More options for External Links are coming soon.)

Users can also view this information by searching a Registrant or Fund Name on our Fund Holdings Search Page. Results include:

  • Directors and officers for the fund ("Fund Officers records" tab).
  • Pricing services used by the fund ("Pricing Cos. records" tab).
  • All current and previous positions held by the fund ("Holdings records" tab).
  • A visualization of how the fund's assets are allocated across sectors ("Asset Allocation Chart" tab)
  • Accession Numbers linked to the original form N-PORT P and N-CEN filings on the SEC EDGAR website ("Filings records" tab).

Additional Info

Form N-CEN filings are part of the SEC's efforts to modernize investment company reporting, with a particular emphasis on the need for transparency among ETFs and securities lending. More information on Form N-CEN, Form N-PORT and other facets of these efforts can be found here. FAQs about N-CEN filings can be found here. A reference copy of this form can be found here.

NAIC Transaction History

Dec. 10, 2020

Our latest third-party data integration gives Empirasign users detailed insight into the market activity of insurance companies. Users can now view the Insurance Company primary and secondary fixed income transaction history as reported via NAIC Schedule D (Parts 3 and 4). The data reported includes transaction date, counterparty, and price. Other events reported in these filings such as calls, redemptions, defaults, and in-kind transfers are filtered out.

NAIC Bond Profile Tab

This data is also featured in Price History charts available for every bond, located under the 'Price Chart' tab on trade history pages. All currently available data sets are plotted on these charts (BWIC data, runs data, N-PORT filings and NAIC filings). Click the download icon to export these charts for easy sharing of validated and unbiased market data with colleagues and clients.

Price Chart

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