Empirasign CRM

Jan. 6, 2017

Empirasign CRM

Better information, displayed at the right place and the right time, represents one of Empirasign's core tenets. Our latest product enhancements, detailed below, are illustrative of this. And with added data sharing capabilities, Empirasign's Total Market Awareness program has entered the CRM arena.

Bid Collector

On any current BWIC page you can now request a bid from your counterparty contacts or record one on their behalf. See screenshot below of the appropriate buttons. If you do not see these buttons, please contact your Empirasign representative to be enabled.

If you choose to record bids on a contact's behalf, you will be directed to a web form to do so. If you request bids directly from a client, they will be sent a link to a similar web form. Your counterparty contacts do not need to be Empirasign customers to record data via these forms. A screenshot of the results of such data entries is shown below.

N.B. The Empirasign Bid Collector is not a transaction engine, it is a data collection engine.

Empirasign never forgets and now neither will you. Any data collected via the Bid Collector feature will populate with normal search results, alongside our BWIC and Dealer Runs. After all, what good is all this information if it is not readily available when and where you (and your team) need it? Which brings us to our next point.

Share the Data

All the data you or your colleagues collect via Bid Collector or Empirasign MyData (refresher below) can be shared at your discretion among your colleagues. Data sharing allows a whole team to amortize or allocate the tedious process of recording market observations. Example data sharing screenshot below.

Empirasign MyData

The Empirasign MyData feature has been around for over two years. The latest enhancement is any data uploaded is now shareable with all your colleagues.

With Empirasign MyData, we bring Excel data integration to every web client. Empirasign will auto-parse your spreadsheets to grab the relevant information and display it alongside any bond query you run on the Empirasign website. With MyData, every Empirasign user can easily surface and incorporate valuable data currently stored, and perhaps hidden, in Excel.

Example from Valuation Work:
Below is a screenshot of a fictional spreadsheet being used by a fictional client for internal valuation purposes. The example shows some data being maintained about a particular bond. After uploading this spreadsheet via the MyData page, every time the client searches for a bond on Empirasign their search results will encompass both Empirasign data and any matching bond from their spreadsheet(s).

Sample Search Results (MyData Circled in Red):

Get and stay ahead of the market with Empirasign's new CRM capabilities. Should you have any questions or would like a demonstration on how to best apply these features and functions to your regular business processes, please reach out to us:

+1 646-837-8848

Empirasign Axes

June 29, 2016

Empirasign Axe System

All Empirasign subscribers are now able to upload their Axes (indications of buy or sell interest) to an anonymous bulletin board which also links to our anonymous chat and email system. If you are interested in a posted bond, you can simply click to chat or email.

Posting Axes

For easy integration with trading desk workflows, Axes can be uploaded via our Excel-based uploader. You can retrieve the Excel spreadsheet at the following URL: www.empirasign.com/site_media/docs/axe_loader.xlsm. For the more methodical, you can also post Axes via our web form: www.empirasign.com/post_axe/.

For full upload instructions, please see our Axes Documentation.

Start Chatting

View active bid and offer Axes by clicking View Axes under the Axes menu header. Axes will be split into two tables, Buy Axes and Offer Axes. If you see an Axe you'd like to act on, you can click any one of the follow icons found under the Actions column on either table.

  • Start an anonymous chat with poster
  • Send an email to the Axe poster*
  • Send the bond to your Bloomberg Terminal
  • Add the bond to your Portfolio

Once a chat is requested, both sides will receive pop-up windows to initiate the chat. As Empirasign is solely providing the chat facilities and not functioning as a Broker/Dealer in any manner. However, should both parties like to effect a securities transaction they can then contact a Broker/Dealer they share in common. To make this step easier, when the chat window launches, it alert both participants which relationships they have in common should they look to do a trade. You can update your Broker/Dealer contact list here: www.empirasign.com/dealer_contacts

Screenshot of Broker/Dealer Contacts

Easy Compliance

Whenever you post an Axe or engage in a chat, a transcript of all activity will be sent to your corporate email address for easy capturing via already existing archival tools. No need to set up any new archiving interfaces or facilities.

For full upload instructions and any compliance concerns, please see our Axes Documentation and our Axes FAQ or reach out directly to your Empirasign representative.

Evaluated Pricing

June 14, 2016

Evaluated Pricing Data

We are excited to announce the most recent enhancement to our Total Market Awareness program. Evaluated Pricing data from IDC and Thomson Reuters is now available at the click of a mouse on Empirasign's web product.

TR and IDC Evaluated Pricing are accessible on every BWIC and bond history page, and can be accessed under the Actions column on the far right (see image below). Upon clicking either pricing source's icon, an evaluation will appear in a pop-up.

Example Pricing Data:

See screenshot below for example evals for BOAA 2006-6 CB3.

Current Pricing Requests

In addition to integrating Evaluated Pricing into relevant search screens on our web product, we also offer a real-time report displaying today's Current Evaluated Pricing Requests. As our Trending Bonds and Popular BWICs page users have come to understand, sometimes the meta data is just as important as the data itself. Using this report, our users can get a sense of which securities the market currently considers tricky to evaluate. You can navigate to this page by clicking Current Evaluated Pricing Requests found under the List Metrics tab. Below, you will find an example screenshot of the page.


For both pricing vendors, IDC and Thomson Reuters, each Empirasign web user will receive 20 evaluated prices per month for free. If you would like more than than this amount, you can subscribe to a higher service level directly from Empirasign for an additional cost. For details on these higher service levels, please consult with your Empirasign sales representative. You can keep track of your freemium quota usage on the Evaluated Pricing Usage page.

Cross Finder

Feb. 29, 2016

Our customers often load up client portfolios to their watch lists to find some easy trades off of BWIC matchers or offer sheet matchers. Now you can cross-link sub-portfolios to one another to find trade opportunities among your client base with the Cross Finder feature. Many institutions have such matching tools at the group level, and some enterprise vendors charge large fees to install such products, but Empirasign now puts this power in your hands at the click of a mouse. Hat tip to Alex K for suggesting this product enhancement to us. See below for an example demonstration of the Cross Finder feature, which can be found on your portfolio page.

Results of Cross Finder

Probable Sellers

Feb. 22, 2016

Using publicly available holdings data filed by mutual funds and insurance companies, we are often able to probabilistically deduce the seller of a BWIC. Our new Probable Sellers feature is the result of this analysis. We compute these probabilities using the Ipreo Holdings Database, which is enhanced with monthly updates provided to Morningstar from mutual funds. An example screenshot is found below. For more on the holdings database we use from Ipreo, please consult this link.

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