Trending Bonds

Dec. 2, 2015

One of Empirasign's most used features is our Popular BWICs page where you can easily see which BWICs are being viewed by the market most often. We have extended this functionality from the BWIC level down to the bond level with our new Trending Bonds page. Trending bonds, as we have defined, are bonds that are being searched for most often over the last few business days. As with popular BWICs, we have taken measures to ensure no one user can juke the stats. A recent screenshot of this page can be found below, or to see the latest version simply direct your browser to This page can also be found under the ListMetrics tab on the top navigation bar.

Trending Bonds on Oct. 22, 2015

Trending Bonds Applications

As you can see from the screenshot above, MSBAM 2013-C7 D, is a trending bond. As to be expected, this bond was on a BWIC that day. A screenshot of this BWIC is shown below. What is interesting to note, is that MSBAM was the only bond on this particular BWIC that traded better than its price talk. The upshot is that if you're interested in a BWIC bond and many people are searching for the same bond, you may need to increase your bid to win it. Conversely, if you're interested in a bond that doesn't show up on the trending bonds report, you may be able to buy this bond at cheaper than forecasted levels.

Example BWIC

Trending Bonds and Popular Bonds take Empirasign well beyond just a market data product. We are now delivering you information about how the market is reacting to itself. Next stop for Empirasign, sentience.

I Am Direct Button

Aug. 5, 2015

A list of dealers who have announced they are direct on a BWIC is now displayed on every BWIC page (near the top of the page, just below the BWIC description). With a simple click of the mouse, you can alert your clients or prospective clients that you are directly participating on any BWIC.

Below, you can see an example for a CLO BWIC from June 9th (click image to zoom). Or you can view a live version at this URL (password required):


How to Use the I Am Direct Button

As usual, Empirasign does a good portion of the heavy lifting for you. If your shop distributes price talk on a BWIC, our data wranglers will assume you are direct on that BWIC. In such instances, you won't have to do any clicking to add your shop's name to the list. If however, you are direct on a BWIC, and we have not captured this info, you can add your shop's name to the list by simplying clicking on the button (as shown below).

In our example, after clicking the button, Acme Securities has been added to the list of direct dealers (see screenshot below). You can click the button again to remove your firm from the list. Also, if you find your shop on the list of direct dealers and this information is incorrect, you can remove it by clicking the button again.

If you are a salesperson or trader, every BWIC page should display the I Am Direct button below the list of direct dealers.

Help, I Don't Have a Button!

If you do not see the I Am Direct button on your webpage, and you sit in a client facing seat at a bank or broker, please contact us at +1 646-837-8848 and we will grant you button permission ASAP.

How do Empirasign Sell-Side Clients Benefit?

Sell-side clients benefit from smoother and more seamless communication with their customers. You can let your clients know you are direct on a list with a simple click of the mouse, and save your phone calls and Bloomberg messages for more substantive communications. The I Am Direct button can also be used as a credit mechanism. If you are a trader spending a large portion of your day bidding every BWIC and providing liquidity to the marketplace, the I Am Direct button is an efficient way to let the market know this.

You can even share which BWICs you are direct on with those who don't subscribe to Empirasign via our Free BWIC Calendar page which can be reach here: The Free Preview link can be found on any BWIC page right below the list of Direct Dealers. The Free Preview link for the above example is: This page only shows BWIC contents (no price talk or trade color is displayed there).

How do Empirasign Buy-Side Clients Benefit?

If you want to participate on a BWIC and your go-to set of dealers are not direct on a BWIC, you can easily locate an alternative avenue to participate simply by viewing the BWIC page. As viewing this page is part of your normal work-flow, acquiring this additional actionable information comes at no extra cost.

Daily Recaps in Excel

June 29, 2015

Depending on how many bonds you are watching in Portfolio, the Daily Recap email you receive can be quite voluminous. To facilitate easier processing of all this information, Daily Recap emails now come with a nicely formatted Excel report attached (see screenshot below).

alt text

Daily Recaps Quick Review

For those of you not familiar with the Daily Recap Email Alerts, they are a compendium of all the BWIC and Offer Alerts you receive during the trading day in one email. For your Portfolio bonds, you can receive real-time alerts or daily recaps, both or neither. For many of our users involved in valuation work, daily recaps are essential to conducting their job processes in an effective manner. Irrespective of your job function, receiving these data in a more structured and easier to manipulate format will be a boon to all users.

To Activate...

Make sure your Portfolio is up-to-date and your Daily Recap Email Alerts are toggled to ON (switch found on Portfolio page, above your bonds).

You can read more about Alerts and Recaps at the following links:

BWIC Alerts
Offer Alerts
Daily Recaps


July 21, 2014

Never miss a trade again--even when you are off the desk. With SMS BWIC Alerts, you'll receive a text message right to your phone any time a bond stored in your portfolio appears on a BWIC.

How to turn it on:
Simply navigate to the Update SMS Settings page under My Stuff on the top navigation bar or click on the SMS Alerts toggle button which appears at the top of the portfolio page (screenshot below).

Updating Your SMS Settings:
As shown in the screenshot below, enter the cell number where you want to receive the alerts and the max number of alerts you want to receive per day (via the drop down box). Click the Update SMS Settings button for your changes to take effect. Now you're all set to realize the benefits of timely market information no matter where you are.

Example screenshot of a phone which has received some SMS BWIC Alerts

In Other News: Empirasign is Hiring!
Please consult our jobs page if you are a 10X engineer or first-rate market data salesperson.

Empirasign MyData

June 5, 2014

We are pleased to announce our latest product enhancement: Empirasign MyData

With Empirasign MyData we bring the Excel data integration functionality of Empirasign Enterprise to every one of our web clients. As we've said before, for better or for worse, many of us use Excel as an ad hoc database. With the MyData functionality, Empirasign will auto-parse your spreadsheets to grab the relevant information and display it alongside any bond query you run on the Empirasign website. No longer will you be stuck de-bugging VLOOKUP functions. With Excel data integration, every Empirasign user can be their own data hunter-gatherer. This feature will empower every Empirasign web user to acquire and use data to drive more business.

A Short Example from Valuation Work
Below is a screenshot of an example spreadsheet being used by a fictional client for internal valuation purposes. The example shows some data being maintained about a particular bond: valuation date, some benchmark rates, quotes from pricing vendors, and an internal mark. After uploading this spreadsheet via the MyData page, every time I search for a bond on Empirasign, my search results will encompass both Empirasign data and any matching bond from my spreadsheet(s).

snippet of client contributed Excel workbook

sample search results (MyData section circled in red)
search results showing Empirasing and client data

How To Think about Empirasign MyData
One way to think about Empirasign MyData is API access in reverse. Instead of downloading Empirasign Market Data into Excel for one unified view of the market, you upload your data into Empirasign to see everything you need on one web page. The upshot is Empirasign MyData comes at no extra charge, while API access is priced at multiples of a single web license. Another way to look at MyData is that it's Empirasign Enterprise Lite. It's a zero ante way to experiment with deeper internal/external data integration.

General restrictions
Your data is only accessible to you. If you want to share your data with colleagues, you must either subscribe to Empirasign Enterprise, or they must upload the same spreadsheet as you did. We can only accept Excel spreadsheets at this time. CSV's with their lack of formatting and type information can be too ambiguous.

To get started select MyData which appears under MyStuff on the top navigation bar, or head over to the following URL:

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