Empirasign Parse and Store

March 11, 2020

Empirasign's Parser as a Service streamlines the challenging Extract, Transform, & Load process into a simple API call. And now you can now simplify and extend the process even further with our Parse & Store add-on.

About Parser as a Service

All those offer sheets and benchmark runs perpetually overwhelming your company's inboxes can now be professionally transformed into structured data that's ready for uploading into your own database. Simply send Empirasign your Outlook, Bloomberg, or any other RFC-compliant email messages via:

  • API: Programmatically send your messages to our API endpoint, and our parser will automatically return fully-parsed, normalized and validated JSON output.

  • Email forwarding: Opt to have Empirasign set up a personalized email dropbox for you. Forward your parsing needs to this dropbox, and our parsing agents will autonomously scan and parse these messages in real time.

Add Parse & Store

This feature allows you to store your newly transformed market data on our privately-hosted database, where it becomes accessible at any time via the Empirasign web app or API. On-premises storage options are available as well. Parse & Store uploads are only viewable to you and permissioned members of your own organization.

My Parse & Store Runs

Every time you search for a bond on the Empirasign web app or API, your search results will encompass both Empirasign data as well as all relevant data from your Parse & Store results. A summary of your Parse & Store runs is available on your MyData page, where you can manage your uploads or view original messages.

User Data PAAS Record

PAAS Message Viewer

Access all of your private market data and the entire Empirasign public database on one screen. Maximum insights, minimum grunt work and screen space.