Evaluated Pricing

June 14, 2016

Evaluated Pricing Data

We are excited to announce the most recent enhancement to our Total Market Awareness program. Evaluated Pricing data from IDC and Thomson Reuters is now available at the click of a mouse on Empirasign's web product.

TR and IDC Evaluated Pricing are accessible on every BWIC and bond history page, and can be accessed under the Actions column on the far right (see image below). Upon clicking either pricing source's icon, an evaluation will appear in a pop-up.

Example Pricing Data:

See screenshot below for example evals for BOAA 2006-6 CB3.

Current Pricing Requests

In addition to integrating Evaluated Pricing into relevant search screens on our web product, we also offer a real-time report displaying today's Current Evaluated Pricing Requests. As our Trending Bonds and Popular BWICs page users have come to understand, sometimes the meta data is just as important as the data itself. Using this report, our users can get a sense of which securities the market currently considers tricky to evaluate. You can navigate to this page by clicking Current Evaluated Pricing Requests found under the List Metrics tab. Below, you will find an example screenshot of the page.


For both pricing vendors, IDC and Thomson Reuters, each Empirasign web user will receive 20 evaluated prices per month for free. If you would like more than than this amount, you can subscribe to a higher service level directly from Empirasign for an additional cost. For details on these higher service levels, please consult with your Empirasign sales representative. You can keep track of your freemium quota usage on the Evaluated Pricing Usage page.