NAIC Transaction History

Dec. 10, 2020

Our latest third-party data integration gives Empirasign users detailed insight into the market activity of insurance companies. Users can now view the Insurance Company primary and secondary fixed income transaction history as reported via NAIC Schedule D (Parts 3 and 4). The data reported includes transaction date, counterparty, and price. Other events reported in these filings such as calls, redemptions, defaults, and in-kind transfers are filtered out.

NAIC Bond Profile Tab

This data is also featured in Price History charts available for every bond, located under the 'Price Chart' tab on trade history pages. All currently available data sets are plotted on these charts (BWIC data, runs data, N-PORT filings and NAIC filings). Click the download icon to export these charts for easy sharing of validated and unbiased market data with colleagues and clients.

Price Chart