NPORT Filings

June 23, 2020

Reveal position holders for any bond in the Empirasign database.

Our latest integration of data from the SEC's EDGAR database enables Empirasign users to instantly view which funds currently hold positions in any bond searched via our web app or API.

Also referred to as NPORT-P, these monthly filings disclose the complete portfolio holdings of all US-registered investment management companies and ETFs in compliance with accounting and reporting protocols mandated by the SEC. While these reports are publicly available on the SEC's website, the EDGAR system does not allow one to search filings by bond identifier - rather, forms from each filing entity must be examined individually. Our advanced spidering and correlating technologies eliminate the grunt work from the research process, allowing users to instantly view every fund with current or previous positions in any bond stored in our database. Simply navigate to the new 'N-PORT' tab found on the trade history page of every bond with data available in the SEC's N-PORT filing records.

N-Port Tab

We've also made this information observable at the BWIC level; you'll find the Cross Ownership graph icon at the top of every bid list page. These graphs allow you to easily visualize the current holders of every bond in the list.

Cross Ownership Map Icon

Cross Ownership Map Graph

Additional Resources

Detailed information on N-PORT Filings can be found via this link. Further information on the SEC's Accounting and Disclosure obligations can be found here. An example filing summary page for a large fixed income ETF can be found here.

More To Come

We've only just begun to scratch the surface of the invaluable market intel that can be derived from these reports. Stay tuned for updates on our future integrations, including:

  • Outlier detection for fund security valuation and ASC 820 liquidity level assignments.
  • Holdings data will be used to enhance and extend our Collaborative Search feature.
  • Concentration Reporting: See which funds own all, or a controlling interest, of a tranche.
  • Deeper API Integration: While N-PORT data is already returned on single bond and bulk bond queries (set nport flag to true), additional N-PORT specific endpoints are in the works.
  • Flat file delivery: receive daily updates on the entire N-PORT universe to upload into your own private data warehouse.