If you are sell-side data contributor, the MRUL instructions below most likely do not constitute the easiest way to contribute Market Data. Simply adding bwic@empirasign.com to your distribution lists is all you need to do. If you find the term bwic conflicting with email searches, you can use this email address instead: 5n8dn1@empirasign.com.

  1. Type MRUL into your terminal.
  2. Click 2) Create Rule or hit 2 <GO>
  3. Select Keywords by clicking on the box to its left so the check mark appears.
  4. Select Any in drop down next to Keywords.
  5. Enter keywords to match:
    * For US Markets use the following: bwic color orig inventory offer run liquidation pik tlb loans
    * For EMEA Markets, use the following: sz market abs a2 € bwic offer original settle run
  6. Select Forward the MSG To by clicking on the box to its left so the check mark appears. Enter bwic@empirasign.com in the box to the right of Forward the MSG To. You can also enter the alias 5n8dn1@empirasign.com if you don't want doubled-up search results when searching your Bloomberg inbox for the term bwic.
  7. Click 2) Save As or hit 2
  8. Enter a rule name, color-messages, or something similar should suffice.
  9. Click 1) Save or hit 1 to save your rule.
  10. The auto forward rule is now set-up.

Screenshot of MRUL Page