Outlook email forwarding

If you are a buy-side data contributor, or receive most of your runs via a corporate email address, contributing data via Outlook fowarding rules is the best way to go. Otherwise, please check out the MRUL Tutorial

  • Go to Settings -> Mail -> Rules or Search for Inbox Rules in Settings

Navigate to Settings

  • Click on Add New Rule.

  • Enter Data

    • Name the rule: Empirasign Data Contrib

    • Add condition: Subject or body includes
      word list: bwic color orig inventory offer run liquidation pik tlb

    • Add condition: Message header includes
      value: bloomberg.net

    • Add Action: Forward to: 5n8dn1@empirasign.com

    • Add Action: Copy to: Inbox (for your own records, or you can drop this step if you don't want a keep a copy of data contrib messages)

    • Click Save

Create Rule Conditions

Named Rule Appears in Settings After Saving

If your Settings Screen displays differently than above, you may be using a differing version of Outlook (most likely the installed application) that uses something called a Rules Wizard. The process is essentially the same. The video below illustrates the process:

Setting Up An Email Forwarding Rule in Outlook

Rules Wizard

  1. with specific words in subject or body
    value: bwic color orig inventory offer run liquidation pik tlb

  2. with specific words in the message header
    value: bloomberg.net


If your forwarded mails are not being received by us or bounced back to you, you may see the following error in one or all of the bounced messages:
Remote Server returned '550 5.7.520 Access denied, Your organization does not allow external forwarding. Please contact your administrator for further assistance. AS(7555)'

Before September 2020, these settings were available but not enforced.

Below are step by step instructions to allow external forwarding (with screenshots). [1] [2]

How to Allow External Forwarding Rules

  1. You, or an admin, needs to log in here: https://protection.office.com/antispam. The password should be the same as your email password.

  2. Click the down arrow next to Outbound spam filter policy ‎(always ON) and click the Edit policy button.

  3. Click the down arrow next to Automatic forwarding, then choose On - Forwarding is enabled from the dropdown. Click Save.

[1] https://docs.helpscout.com/article/1424-enable-external-forwarding-in-microsoft-365
[2] Configure outbound spam filtering in EOP