Empirasign Parser

Are all those offer sheets and benchmark runs perpetually overwhelming your company's inboxes? Fear not, they can now be professionally transformed into normalized and validated data ready for direct uploading into your own data warehouse. Utilize our industry-leading parsing technologies to streamline the challenging Extract, Transform, & Load process into a simple API call.

Clients commonly access the Parser via one of two methods:

Parser API

Programmatically send your messages to our REST API endpoint, and our parser will return fully-parsed, normalized and validated JSON output. Median processing time is a few hundred milliseconds. Please see the links below if you're interested in further exploring the Parser API.

Email Forwarding

An even simpler way of getting started is to forward your parsing needs to a personalized email drop box Empirasign sets up for you. Our parsing agents will autonomously scan and parse messages sent to your drop box in real-time.

Getting Started via Email Forwarding

Add Parse & Store

Simplify the process even further with our Parse & Store add-on. This feature allows you to store normalized and validated market data on a privately-hosted database. Such data is immedidately accessible via the Empirasign web app or Maket Data API. On premises storage options are available as well. Parse & Store uploads are only viewable to you and permissioned members of your team.

Empirasign Strategies LLC

With Parse and Store, every time you search for a bond on the Empirasign web app or API, your search results will encompass both Empirasign data and all relevant data from your Parse & Store data set. A summary of your Parse & Store runs is available on your MyData page, where you can manage your uploads and view original messages.

No-Code Demo and Testing

Send a runs message to any of the following email addresses to get instant feedback on our parsing capabilities:

Email Gateway Interface runs addresses

Freemium Service Tier Now Available

Parse up to 100 messages per day at no cost.

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Empirasign Product Overview

About Empirasign

Empirasign is the leading provider of secondary market trading data for the US and UK Fixed Income and Structured Products markets. Our web-based real-time database offers the most exhaustive data set of secondary market activity for all ABS, MBS, & CMBS sub-sectors, with BWIC history dating as far back as 2010.

We use proprietary Natural Language Processing technology to index BWICs (price talk and trade color) and dealer benchmark runs (bids, offers, and markets) contributed by our comprehensive network of market participants. Clients access this information via our browser-based web application featuring advanced search capabilities, powerful metadata reports, automated portfolio monitoring, and data-driven sales and marketing tools. We also offer custom in-house tools via our REST-based API, and RPC-based parsing solutions tailored to your firm’s needs.

We serve both front and middle-office professionals for the sell side and buy side. Other core markets include evaluated pricing, auditing, and CRM companies. Since 2009, we have remained focused on delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective view of the secondary markets available anywhere.

We are headquartered in Midtown Manhattan and maintain a Data Quality Assurance and Customer Service facility in central London.

See how much time we can save your organization with a risk-free trial of our web app, API feed, or parser.