Fed solicits banks to buy risky securities

April 18, 2012

"It basically guarantees lower proceeds and plays into the hands of the big dealer, because they are the only ones that have the capital to take down a larger trade," said Adam Murphy, president of Empirasign Strategies in New York, which tracks trading in securitized debt.


Credit Suisse Paid $6.8 Billion for AIG's Home-Loan Bonds

April 16, 2012

The central bank this week is also probably accepting bids on a pool of $672 million of home-loan bonds being held by its first Maiden Lane vehicle, according to Empirasign Strategies LLC. The New York-based provider of data on securitized-debt trading based the assessment on a list of securities being auctioned and Fed disclosures on the vehicle's holdings.

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Subprime Bulls Trim Bets as Rally Raises 2011 Specter: Mortgages

March 28, 2012

The firm probably sold more than $1 billion in face value of the securities last week, according to Empirasign Strategies LLC in New York. The provider of information on securitized-debt trading based that assessment on auction lists from dealers and public reports on the firm's holdings.

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In today's mortgage bond market, it's take it or leave it

March 15, 2012

In general, sellers are also accepting lower overall prices for their pools because they are placing more constraints on buyers, said Adam Murphy, president of Empirasign Strategies, which tracks trading in securitized debt.

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Big Long Is New Big Short as Bass Joins Subprime Bet: Mortgages

February 15, 2012

Trading in non-agency mortgage bonds averaged $15.6 billion per week in the first six periods of this year, compared with $6.6 billion in the final 20 weeks of 2011, according to data reported to regulators and compiled by Empirasign Strategies LLC, a New York-based provider of information on securitization trading.

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Fed Plays Wall Street Favorites in Secret Bond Deals: Mortgages

February 10, 2012

"I fail to see how running a limited participation, secret auction is any way beneficial to the owners of these bonds, the U.S. taxpayer," Murphy said. "Not to mention these bonds are now trading 15 to 25 cents" on the dollar "cheaper compared to when they were last auctioned in a more public manner."

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US MORTGAGE MEMO: Non-Agencies Face Supply From Maiden Lane

January 13, 2012

Adam Murphy, President of Empirasign, said the AON restriction should be lifted. "It reduces the average execution price because it limits the number of buyers," he says.

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Goldman Sachs Said to Offer Bid for New York Fed's AIG Assets

January 13, 2012

If the portfolio is sold to an individual investor or group assembled by dealers in an "all-or-nothing" process, that may obscure bids on specific securities and "a lack of price discovery is inherently not good," said Adam Murphy, president of Empirasign Strategies LLC, a New York-based provider of data on securitization-market trading.

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Morgan Stanley Non-Agency Mortgage Trader DePietro Said to Leave

November 16, 2011

In the past five weeks, dealers have conducted auctions for $14.8 billion of non-agency debt, down from $26.1 billion in the first five weeks of the year, according to data from Empirasign Strategies LLC. Investment banks reported completed sales of $4.4 billion of the bonds offered in the most recent period, according to the New York-based provider of data on securitized-debt trading.

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MF Global subprime RMBS liquidation is scuttled

November 01, 2011

Secondary securitized-product flows have been much lighter this week. There has only been US$96.8m in prime and Alt-A RMBS traded in the secondary market today, according to Empirasign Strategies, a capital markets data provider.


Sovereign Crisis Not Good for U.S. Spreads

October 12, 2011

The potential for ABS/MBS sales resulting from the unwind would be bad for U.S. securitization spreads. "If their are any more Dexias that will mean further, albeit non-forced, selling pressure," said Adam Murphy, President of Empirasign Strategies. "What's French for Maiden Lane? Funny enough, it''s the same in either language."

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S&P resumes rating new CMBS; no rating changes warranted

August 05, 2011

"CMBS bid lists that are DNT -- or did not trade -- are pretty high right now," said Adam Murphy, president of capital markets data provider Empirasign Strategies. "Funding pressures are hitting all sectors. And DNTs are much higher than we can observe because distributed color has been very light. So it's a safe bet that a lot of these lists that just go into the ether did not trade."


Talk From The Trenches: Risk Is On; Fed ML2 Sales Suspended

July 01, 2011

"The Fed clearly does not want to be in the mortgage market any longer than they have to," said Adam Murphy, President of Empirasign Strategies,"but the most important factor is the Fed wants to do right by the American taxpayer. And selling these bonds at distressed levels is doing a disservice to the taxpayer and the market."

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BofA settlement may boost senior Countrywide RMBS

June 28, 2011

Moreover, some bid lists up for trade today contained so-called "call options on clawbacks," meaning that buyers of these bonds will have the option to receive a portion of the settlement that goes through the cashflow waterfall on the legacy Countrywide bonds. "Sellers could be looking to recognize some money for this optionality," said Adam Murphy, president of Empirasign Strategies LLC, a capital markets data provider.


US CREDIT-Fed's Maiden Lane II gambit may be drawn-out

June 24, 2011

"Our view is that this spring's spread-widening is a function of more than just ML2 supply weighing on the market," Murphy said. "The double dip in housing and spreads being too tight at the beginning of year are the main factors, as well as general risk aversion. It also does not help that Europe continues to play 'kick the can down the road' with Greece."


Fed Sinks Subprime-Mortgage Bonds With Auctions: Credit Markets

May 11, 2011

It completed auctions for $6.1 billion of securities through last week, accepting bids on $5.3 billion. The weighted average price was at least 49.27 cents on the dollar, according to Empirasign Strategies LLC, a New York-based data provider that tracks the second-best bids that dealers share with investors. Winning bids aren't typically disclosed.

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Fed's Maiden Lane Holding Bear Stearns-Tied Assets Shrinks

April 29, 2011

"This could be an acceleration of the 'pre-hiking' that the Fed started with its AIG sales," Adam Murphy, Empirasign's president, said, referring to actions by the central bank that represent a tightening of monetary policy before an increase in benchmark interest rates.

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Update On NY Fed's Non-Agency RMBS Maiden Lane II Bid Lists

April 14, 2011

Commenting on Thursday's list, Adam Murphy, President of Empirasign Strategies LLC, said the list traded about at expectations with some items lower than price talk and others above it. "I am not seeing any re-offers yet," Murphy said, "but my guess is this list had better investor sponsorship because all the items were round lots and with the reduced line item count as compared to Wednesday it was easier to spend more time analyzing each bond."

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Dealers worked for free to take part in Maiden Lane Auction

April 08, 2011

"This list seemed to trade at, or above, most of the price guidance we saw," said Adam Murphy, president of Empirasign Strategies, a capital markets data provider. "There's a lot more product to sell, so it's hard to make a strong argument that subsequent lists will trade snugger. I think they'll trade wider because of the volumes involved, but not much wider because of the deliberate nature of the selling."


Strategos Seeks to Profit on Differing Views of Mortgage Bonds

April 06, 2011

For example, the second-place bidder in a Feb. 8 auction of pieces of a bond backed by home-equity lines of credit offered 46.5 cents on the dollar, according to information compiled by Empirasign Strategies LLC. A month later, a second-place bid on the same debt was in the mid 50-cent range, according to the New York-based data provider.

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