Talk From The Trenches: Supply/Demand Equation Eyed Warily

March 31, 2011

"This fundamentally changes that equation," he added. "Another way to look at these sales is as a pre-hiking by the Fed." But on positive side, Murphy said the sales will bring "much needed transparency to the Non-Agency market" if Blackrock conducts these auctions in the "same open manner" Treasury has sold its Agency MBS holdings. "More transparency will bring in more market participants and that can't be anything but good for spreads," he said.

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Secondary CMBS Market Most Hit By Japanese Crisis

March 18, 2011

The Japanese crisis had the most impact on CMBS secondary market activity versus all other securitization sectors tracked by capital markets data provider Empirasign Strategies. "I think in terms of standard deviation away from the mean, the most action has been seen in CMBS," Adam Murphy, president of Empirasign said. "The story that's being pushed is Japan." Although generally prices have been weaker, in CMBS there has been a dramatic change in the "did not trade" (DNT) percent to around 40% from around 10% to 20% on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week, Murphy said. There has been a surge of lists out for bid, with sellers only getting their reserve price about half the time.

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CMBS/ABS bid list volume 50-100 pct above average-mkt sources

March 15, 2011

"This is indicative of shaky markets: Bid lists are being cancelled or postponed across ABS and CMBS amid increasing BWIC volume," said Adam Murphy, president of Empirasign Strategies LLC, a capital markets data provider.


Option-ARM Bonds Tumble as Investors Question if Valuations Got Too 'Rich'

February 28, 2011

Wall Street brokers conducted open auctions on $4.9 billion of option-ARM securities this month, the most since October, according to Empirasign Strategies LLC. The 59 percent increase from January's $3.1 billion compares with a gain of 11 percent in the entire non-Agency market aside from subprime debt, the New York-based data provider said.

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Goldman Said to Win $6 Billion Mortgage-Bond Trade

December 08, 2010

Brokers last month conducted open auctions for almost $14 billion of home-loan bonds lacking guarantees from government- supported Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae or federal Agency Ginnie Mae, according to Empirasign Strategies LLC. Since the start of July, the amount of securities offered through the process has totaled $75 billion, with at least $11.5 billion failing to be sold, according to the New York-based data provider.

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Mortgage Security Trading Jumps in U.S. as Prices Hover Near Two-Year Highs

September 20, 2010

Sept. 14 was last week's busiest trading day for Non-Agency bonds, with dealers seeking bids on almost $1.3 billion of the debt excluding subprime mortgages, according to New York-based data provider Empirasign Strategies LLC. Buyers purchased 83 percent of the debt offered, according to Empirasign.

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