Empirasign is the leading provider of secondary market trading data for the US and UK Fixed Income and Structured Products markets. Our web-based real-time database offers the most exhaustive data set of secondary market activity for all ABS, MBS, & CMBS sub-sectors, with BWIC history dating as far back as 2010.

We use proprietary Natural Language Processing technology to index BWICs (price talk and trade color) and dealer benchmark runs (bids, offers, and markets) contributed by our comprehensive network of market participants. Clients access this information via our browser-based web application featuring advanced search capabilities, powerful metadata reports, automated portfolio monitoring, and data-driven sales and marketing tools. We also offer custom in-house tools via our REST-based API, and RPC-based parsing solutions tailored to your firm’s needs.

We serve both front and middle-office professionals for the sell side and buy side. Other core markets include evaluated pricing, auditing, and CRM companies. Since 2009, we have remained focused on delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective view of the secondary markets available anywhere.

We are headquartered in Midtown Manhattan and maintain a Data Quality Assurance and Customer Service facility in central London.

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  • NYS-Registered IARs added to database.

    Users have access to a list of New York-registered hedge funds and their representatives who are specifically licensed to do advisory work in New York via the Empirasign web app.

  • GSE New Issue Data added to database.

    This integration gives users access to real-time new issue data for Government-Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie).

  • Advan Foot-Traffic Data for CMBS deals added to database.

    Users can easily visualize foot-traffic history for specific CMBS deals, or link and chart against similar deals using advanced statistical techniques.

  • FINRA TRACE Market Data added to database.

  • RIA Rep Linking & Search functionalities added to web app.

    Users are able to instantly view the registered representatives for the advisers/sub-advisers of funds with current or previous positions in any bond, based on the latest available N-CEN filings from the SEC EDGAR database and CRD data from FINRA.


  • NAIC Transaction History data integrated into database.

    Our integration of transaction history from the NAIC gives users detailed insight into the market activity of insurance companies.

  • Introduction of All Bonds and Deal Classes API Endpoints.

    These endpoints make it easy for users to query for the market data they care about most.

  • Automatic Market Alerts made available via Slack.

  • ABS-EE Filings data integrated into database.

    This integration from the SEC's EDGAR database allows users to visualize loan-level payment information on CMBS bonds.

  • N-PORT Filings data integrated into database.

    Our real-time integration of Form N-PORT P filings from the SEC's EDGAR database allows users to instantly view current and previous position holders of any bond.

  • Introduction of Deal Tracker.

    This feature allows Empirasign users to automatically monitor real-time secondary market activity for every bond in a selected deal.

  • Launch of Empirasign Parse & Store.

    This expansion of our Parser as a Service offering allows users to store their newly transformed market data on our privately-hosted database, where it becomes accessible at any time via the Empirasign web app or API.


  • Correlated SEC EDGAR data integrated into real-time database.

    By cross-referencing SEC Issuer and Depositor CIKs to identifiers more commonly used in the marketplace (CUSIP, ISIN, ticker), our users are alerted to possible regulatory events driving secondary market activity.

  • Introduction of Always Fresh, Never Frozen Alerts.

    While standard email images are static assets sitting on a disk, the images and market data charts in Empirasign BWIC Watcher alerts are generated on demand with the most recent price talk and trade color available data from our real-time database.


  • Price Talk Visualizations added to database.

    Price talk data for highly active bonds becomes more accessible to users via box and dot plots, automatically generated for bonds with price talk from five or more dealers.

  • Fixed Rate Specified BWICs and Corporate bonds added to database.

  • Introduction of Collaborative Search feature.

    Using our vast user base and aggregated search histories, Empirasign is able to recommend bonds the same way Amazon recommends books. This functionality supplements our existing reference data-based Similar Bonds feature, providing our subscribers with greater insight into relevant market activity.


  • Introduction of Empirasign Quote Builder.

    Users can customize ready-to-distribute sales pitches backed by impartially-sourced market data at the click of a button.

  • Introduction of Parser as a Service.

    This public API endpoint gives users access to an on-demand market data refinery, powered by our proprietary machine learning-based parsing technology.


  • Launch of Anonymous Axe System.

    Empirasign users are able to anonymously and efficiently source bonds and liquidity via our web portal. Passive participants also gain through additional market observations.

  • Refinitiv and ICE Evaluated Pricing data made available on every BWIC and bond history page.

    Free quotes from leading Evaluated Pricing vendors gives users insight into the market's consensus for valuation.

  • Introduction of Probable Sellers feature.

    Users are able to reverse-engineer who's selling in the market based on publicly-available holdings data.


  • Opening of first overseas office in London.

    In-time-zone and real-time Quality Assurance and Customer Service is now a reality for EMEA.


  • Launch of Empirasign Enterprise.

    Clients are now able to use Empirasign engineering to combine, reassemble, and redistribute both Empirasign and in-house data to internal market viewer and transaction-enabling tools on site.

  • Introduction of BWIC Watcher.

    Users are able to track price talk and trade color updates for any BWIC via real-time alerts.


  • Fixed Rate Specified Offerings added to database.

  • Bids, Offers, & Two-Way Markets from Dealer Runs added to database.


  • UK/Eurozone Market Data added to database.

  • Generation of first Market Aggregate and Metadata reports.

    A more expansive and active database powers a number of new metadata-based features and functions - starting with BWIC volume numbers and Did Not Trade (DNT) percentages.


  • Launch of Empirasign API.

    REST-based API access allows our client base to easily build their own internal apps via Excel VBA or Python, and coordinate with larger enterprise-driven projects using Java or C#. Our APIs have no installation requirements, allowing new clients to become operational in just a matter of minutes.

  • FINRA TRACE Reported Trade Volume Visualizations added to database.

    The sparse nature of time series in Structured Products (some bonds only change hands once a year) makes it challenging to create meaningful graphical representations of the marketplace. These accessible visualizations give our users insight into larger market activity trends.


  • Natural Language Processing techniques used to capture MBS BWIC data from emails developed.

    Empirasign creates the first ever central repository of Structured Product BWIC information.


  • Empirasign Strategies LLC founded.


Banks, hedge funds, brokerages, accounting firms, and other financial institutions rely on our market data.


Unique dealer offerings indexed and counting.