Market Professionals worldwide rely on Empirasign's trade color, price talk and dealer market runs. We are the largest real-time database of all structured product market activity in the US and EU.

Your Market Data Solution

Save Time

We collect and index all BWIC, Price Talk, Trade Color and Dealer Bid, Offer, and Two-Way Market Runs for the Structured Products Markets. All of this unstructured data is normalized into a real-time, searchable, online trade database.

Reliable Market Data

Our extensive validation algorithms and our experienced Quality Assurance Team eliminate errors and duplicates, providing our customers with accurate market data.

Market Transparency

We source, parse and compile hard to acquire market data - with over 18.86 MM unique dealer offerings indexed and counting. We also house an extensive market trade history, going as far back as 2009.



  • Real-Time BWIC Feed
  • Dealer-Level Price Talk
  • Instant Email Market Alerts
  • Direct Dealers
  • BWIC Watcher
  • Probable Sellers
  • Flow Summary


  • Instant CUSIP Search
  • Search By Asset Class
  • Search By Dealer
  • Email Search
  • Wildcard Search
  • Similar Bonds Search
  • CUSIP History


  • TRACE Volume
  • DNT Percentage
  • Popular BWICs
  • Trending Bonds
  • Evaluated Pricing Requests from Refinitiv, ICE, and BVAL
  • Widely Held Offerings
  • Most Active Offerings
  • Offer Spread Changes
  • Collaborative Search Suggestions


Contact Us

United States

1350 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10019 USA
+1 646-837-8848

United Kingdom

119 Marylebone Road
London, NW1 5PU

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